animated breath relaxation

Welcome to animatem!

Nice to have you here! Try out some breath exercises right away by selecting them from the sidebar and pressing play.

If you do not know, which one to choose, try Quick Relax. It's short, easy to follow and you'll immediately feel the relaxing effect.

Please also read the FAQs before you start.

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All you ever wanted to know about ... animatem

What is animatem?

animatem provides animations for three well-tried breath exercises. By watching a circle element fill with color (and empty again), you'll be able to fully concentrate on the breathing. As it is super easy to follow, you do not need any prior knowledge or special equipment.

Unlike other meditation or relaxing programs, animatem can be done quickly and does not need any preparation. Even though the exercises are short, they have a quick effect on your stress level and allow you to regain your focus.

There's also no need to count seconds or pay attention to do the right thing at the right time. Just watch and relax!

Who needs animatem?

Are you an experienced yogi or used to mediate on a daily basis? If yes, you do not need animatem. Everyone else, who at least experience stress at some level: give it a chance!

Where should I start?

If you use animatem the first time, we recommend to try the Quick Relax exercise. Within one minute you'll experience how effective simple breathing can be.

For a stronger effect or for long term effects (on a regular basis), take some time for the Carbondioxide Calm Down. For advanced users who already have some practice in abdominal breathing: take a step further to the Deep Inhale for a better concentration.

How to breathe correctly?

Always try to breathe into your abdomen. You breathe correctly, if you can see you abdominal wall going up and down. Most people change to chest breathing when they are stressed which makes even more nervous. So concentrate on your belly and everything will be fine.

Are there any security issues?

It's just breathing, so normally nothing dangerous happens. If you feel a little bit dizzy, pause the animation and take a break. This is just a normal reaction of the body, which is not used to abdominal breathing. Feel free to stop at any time, if you like.

As this is just a project presentation, I will not take over any responsibility for the animations and their outcome. So please use carefully and at your own risk.

I want to suggest a new exercise. What can I do?

I'm always curious about trying new exercises! Just contact me!

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